Back On My Blog!

BLOGI have improved a lot of things, like typing and improving my vocabulary. I also learned blogging, which was fun! I liked writing the free choice, because I can write what I want. I have also learned how to comment properly and politely. I have commented on  blogs all around the world (Australia, Hong Kong etc.)

On my blog, I have a lot of Top 5 posts. I guess I like that, because it’s fun sharing 5 of your favorite things. I have some stories on there, like “Who Will Win?” and “Lest We Forget”. I also have some posts like about my future, like the post “My Future” and “My Futuristic House”. I also wrote about the best vacation ever, and another top 5, about my favorite video games. My #1 Continue reading

Top Five 1950 Toys!!

LEGO_logo_svgIf you were warped back in to 1950, what toys would you play with? I would play with a lot of stuff. Here is my top 5.


Play-Doh is dough that you can mold into anything you want. I have a lot of Play-Doh at my house, but it’s all dry (yes Play-Doh becomes dry). There is also some molding plates for Play-Doh, from shows (ex: backyardigans).

Mr. Potato Head

I LOVED playing with Mr. Potato Head, because you can decorate them with clothes, and they have storage in their rear end! You can even change their eyes. Mr. Potato Head is in the movie Toy Story, one of my favorite movies. Continue reading

Success Is…

untitledWhat do you think success is? Do you know the feeling? Well, success is winning something or completing something. So I will be talking about success.

People ask “What is success?” Well, success is completing something or achieving a goal. It can also be winning something, like for example, winning a soccer game. Success can be completing a life goal. Some people even write quotes of success. I found one that stood out to me: “Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude (Celestine Chua)”. I think that stood up to me because you do need some attitude for success. Continue reading

I Love Québec!

Montreal_night_viewIf you love Quebec, where do you like to go to? Well, I’m going to say where I would visit.

In Quebec, I like to visit Montreal, in the city, because a lot happens there. I would go to the Botanical Gardens, because you can see a lot of flowers from around the world! I’ve been there a lot, and I always liked it. We went on a school trip to the Botanical Gardens, and to the Olympic stadium. Continue reading


untitledHave you thought of how lucky we are to have our environment? Well, we are very lucky.

I like our environment because I like playing outside, and I like biking. I usually go to the park with my friend, Juan, in the summer, I also like eating ice-cream outside.

I think that people should stop polluting so we could have a nicer world even though it’s already nice. Some people take boats, and that’s also polluting. I can’t say I hate the people who go on boats, because once a week, my dad goes on a boat. He works for CSL (Canada Steamship Lines). Continue reading

Who Will Win?

Facing Off by Ken Danby

It was a rivalry match, and they were the biggest rivals. Rockets against Boomers. Rockets were the red team and Boomers were white. Rockets and Boomers were tied for first place and it was the last game of the season. The coach was having a pep-talk with the team.

-We’re called Rockets for a reason. We’re fast, we’re smart and we take chances, said the coach. So let’s win this!

The team was pumped up, but so were the boomers. Continue reading